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-Not all inquires will be approved at this time. My availability is currently very limited.

-Your inquiry will be automatically denied if you do not fill out this form in its entirety. If you are unsure how to answer a question, do your best or even say "I'm not sure how to answer".

-Deposits are a requirement to secure your appointment. There are 2 types of deposits - Standard & Large Scale. The Standard deposit covers all tattoos that are done same day in one session. The standard deposit is $50 via Paypal [Link will be provided when scheduled]. All deposits go towards your total cost of your tattoo and are nonrefundable. If you no call/no show, you will lose your deposit. Same day cancellations will be on a case by case basis of loss of deposit. (ex: a family emergency, personal emergency, etc.) Please reach out as I am more than willing to work with you to accommodate. Large Scale deposits are going to be $50 per session booked (prices and sessions are discussed once an inquiry is approved). Large Scale consists of tattoos that take 4 or more sittings to complete such as chest pieces, backpieces, body suits, full ribs, arm sleeve, and leg sleeves.

-Once you complete & send this form, please do not send any additional emails. This will push out not only your request, but others as well. Allow at least 10 business days to receive a response once you have submitted your form.

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